The law firm was created from the merger of two traditional law firms, representing a select group of national and international clients, in diverse fields of law. The firm is comprised of a new generation of multi-specialty lawyers committed to justice, professional ethics and the defense of their clients' interests, providing them personalized high quality legal services at a price that is competitive and proportional to the undertaken efforts. All of the Firm's services are coordinated by a partner who supervises and guides the project's lawyers who posses the needed qualities to execute the services entrusted to the Firm. The team of lawyers has the necessary professional knowledge to ensure that the client benefits from their diverse professional experiences, while maintaining direct contact with the partner that best knows the client's business and interests. The preliminary evaluation of eventual disputes and the timely analysis of its risks are part of their activities. The firm maintains a proactive attitude for the prevention of legal issues for its clients and is prepared to promptly react, thus becoming an important ally in the execution of their commercial activities. Some services that had traditionally been highly regulated, like the agricultural and financial, commercialization of state insurances and the production of energy, are also competitively provided now by private companies. The lawyers at S&R have proven that they have the necessary skills and experience necessary to successfully provide advice while harnessing new business opportunities that those processes originate. The firm has modern and convenient offices in the city of Bogota, in order to best serve its clients.

Av. 9 # 103A - 36 - Office 601C - 602A - Phone number: (571) 619 96 99 - Bogotá D.C, Colombia